Tere Rasheta

Original Artist




Over the past four decades, Tere Rasheta, a Mexican American artist, has developed and perfected her artistic abilities.

In addition to watercolor, canvas art, and pottery, Tere is also an accomplished large-format photographer. Her Platinum and palladium prints landed her an international solo gallery show that inspired her to experiment with different painting mediums.

Tereis best known for her reverse acrylic paintings. The unique use of paint and ink pigments creates outstanding pieces, which glow with color and movement. Clients who have commissioned her work describe her pieces as provoking a sense of “awe and wonder”

Tere resides in Dallas, Texas she generously gives back to her local community by donating pieces to auctions for charities near to her heart. You can find her on the tennis court when she’s not in her painting studio as she is also an accomplished league competitor. Tere has three wonderful sons and eight delightful grandchildren.

Capturing these animals through a lens tells their side of the story- a story of tenacity, beauty, and resilience.

My Work drives awareness of the importance of conservation by supporting wildlife organizations and rescue initiatives throughout Africa. All animals photographed are wild, respected, and live in protected areas.

“San Timoteo, The Gold Mine”

Dimensions 36″ x 36″

Mixed Media Art by Tere Rasheta

“Mixed Media Art”

Dimensions 36 ” x  36″