Robert Smiljcic

Original Artist



Robert Smiljcic is a Croatian refugee who came to America by way of Germany in 1999, later being naturalized in 2012 as a American Citizen. Born to two deaf parents, Robert began to build his own visual language at a young age- seeing and understanding the unspoken. He started in street art and matured to fine art and jewelry making. Robert’s inspiration started with a desire to fill all his walls with beautiful paintings. Robert spent most of his adolescence in the inner city of Dallas. He feels at home in the metroplex, but went to college at Oklahoma State University and studied in Zagreb, Croatia.

Robert’s art ultimately aims to reflect [U]. a symbol that reflects the word “you” in which he strives to showcase how “you” and “me” come together to make “us”. An intuitive statement and a play on words. He desires [U] to understand different view points and perspectives. His art is layered in forms and multiple definitions. He reflects important ideologies, cultures, and histories from all sides in order to encourage people to better understand each other.

Robert has recently published a book titled “An Aura of [U]topia”

Warhol Economic



Andy Warhol loved to do two things at once- like exercising on the way to the grocery store with the occasional photograph. He was a true multitasker- Even exploring the media of underground films. In this painting- A figure stops for a photo in Central Park.

18×24 Black & White Acrylic on Paper 2017




Set on Dallas’s Main Street: the Restaurant Americano harbors the refreshing art collection of Tim Headington. A place frequented by Robert Smiljcic and his muse Laura Person’s. The composition is based on a quick photo Robert took of Laura getting ready to leave the restaurant – She puts her iphone away and he overhears the chatters of the background people. Where will they go next?

18 x 24 Black & White Acrylic on Paper 2019




Freedom through peace. The dove, a symbol of peace given to us in religion and reinforced by Picasso in the last century, is being set free by Pope Francis, the leader of the Catholic church.

18 x 24 Black & White Acrylic on Paper 2017


The Heimlich

Inspired by modern communication in today’s entertainment industry: “SPIT IT OUT NOW!” Many voices either say way too much or nothing at all. Thoughts and ideas can be very hard to communicate and interpreted in many ways. Some people can go on for hours in a rant. While others find it difficult to say anything at all.

18 X 24 Black & White Acrylic on Paper 2017


The Bath

The bath has been depicted throughout art history coupled with a nude, but in this abstract yet fairly accurate depiction of New York City looking over Central Park. The entire city itself replaces the nude human subject – beyond the surface (or beneath the skin) of the city – it offers you endless opportunities  to encounter – Or rush too in a true New Yorker fashion.

In the. millions of rooms and doors the city has to offer – you can surely find someone somewhere – nude, obsessing over a woman, a man, a lover, a muse, a stranger.

— and past the vast horizon to the metaphorical Statue of Lady Liberty herself she stands and waits, forever and ever- greeting all those travelers, who often come from far away with nothing but the clothes on their backs.

18 x 24 Black & White Acrylic Paper 2017



This shows a woman, deep in thought, in the contrasting carefree action of swinging around a sidewalk around a sidewalk pole. Woman are breaking the status quo and are at the forefront of industry-living in the best of times. Woman no longer have to depend on anybody or anything. She doesn’t need to stay at home or marry a rich man. She is independent. Equality and inclusivity are ideas that have been actively nurtured in the past 100 years. So much has changed, but there is much more to accomplish. Today is the greatest day a woman can be alive. There has not been a better time in history for a woman to experience freedom, chance, fate and pursuit of happiness.

18 x 24 Black & White Acrylic on Paper 2017


Méditation to Françoise Madeleine

This composition is inspired by the 60’s singer-songwriter Françoise Madeleine in which a figure is deeply in tune with the musical aura in the air.

18 X 24 Black & White Acrylic on Paper 2018


Paris Isn’t Paris

“Paris Isn’t Paris” The composition is based on Robert’s desire to depict the beauty and his love for the city of Paris. The city reminds you anything can happen from recent tragedies to what the city is known for: artistic  love and freedom. I visited the city on NYE of 2016, on the way home early in the morning the cab driver turned and told me Paris has changed – people don’t want to go out anymore…. but yet the city remains at the front of the art world.

18 x 24 Black & White Acrylic on Paper 2017



This composition depicts two figures in an American Diner. They are in contemplation as to what they will order. The options are plentiful, but a decision must be made soon!

18 x 24 Black & White Acrylic on Paper