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Michael Reese

Senior Designer

Meet Michael Reese, a seasoned architect and designer with deep roots in San Antonio. Having graduated from St. Mary’s University, he brings a wealth of knowledge and creativity to the field. With nearly three decades of experience as both a designer and buyer, Michael has left an indelible mark on both San Antonio and Dallas. His design approach beautifully blends classical and traditional elements with a dash of unexpected contemporary flair. A connoisseur of curated aesthetics, Michael’s travels have honed his ability to craft spaces that resonate with a sophisticated charm.

Michael’s portfolio spans the nation, as his designs grace the interiors of primary residences and second homes. His wealth of worldly experiences is vividly reflected in every project he undertakes. Combining a discerning eye for design with the utmost professionalism, Michael elevates each space he touches.

You can catch a glimpse of his remarkable creations on Instagram under the handle @Mr.Maison.

Michael Reese is not just an individual designer; he’s an integral part of the talented team at Gary Riggs Design If you’re seeking to transform your space, reach out today to discover the transformative touch that Michael can bring to your environment.