Miodrag Djordjevic

Original Artist




Yugoslavian/ European, born 1936

Mr. Djordjevic, known as Miodrag, is considered by many to be one of the founding innovators of Opt Art”. Of Yugoslavian extraction, he has lived in RomeParis, Brussels and the United States. His work falls into two major styles: (1) The linear patterns and illusions of tonal manipulations rendered in oils; and (2) The biomorphic undulations rendered in pastel. Miodrag is known, collected and appreciated in Europe; he came to the U.S. for further stimulation and a wider audience.

An analysis of Miodrag’s work over the last 30 years, reflects the two major styles previously mentioned. Paul-David Perraudin (a Brussels art critic) reflected upon Miodrags linear manner: “Miodrag takes a landscape and cuts it in two, but his time in the direction of its vibrating wavelength since any object may be apprehended by the intensity and variety of the waves it emits. He recommences the same operation and goes on till he has revealed, by magnification, the essential character, expressed as energy, of things and beings. Miodrag manages to transcend matter and to give it an optical dimension which cannot be grasped by our immediate physical experience of things.”

The same may be repeated considering his pastels, except for one major detail – form. The form in Miodrag’s pastels are more organic. The vibrating essence of space created by the juxtaposition of color and round shapes, invites the viewer to participate in the pure essence of existence – the basic formula of all entities.

One cannot overlook the extreme degree of craftsmanship in Miodrag’s work. “It is the craftsmans hand that has translated into images the rhythms of thought, one guiding the other and vice-versa, to an extent where it would be pointless and even absurd to try and distinguish their respective shares in the filigree of work.

Partial List of Collectors:

Texas Instruments, U.S.A.

Elton John

Museum of Modern Art, Beograd, Yugoslavia Museum Rudi-Joseph, Belgium

Peggy Guggenheim Collection, Venice

Mr. & Mrs. Frank Cuellar, USA

Maria Callas Georges Pompidou Trammell Crow Edgar G. Robinson 

Henry S. Miller

 Dr. Werner Ebke, Switzerland


“Abstract Art 1

Dimensions 43.5 ” x 63.5″ 

“Framed Miodrag

Dimensions 25.5 ” x 22.5″