Melissa Spencer

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Melissa Spencer is an award-winning Fine Jewelry Designer focused on innovative designs and the uplifting qualities of sentimental and beautiful objects – from wearable jewelry to products for the home. She has pioneered the Spencer Portrait which is a “next level” locket where an image is encapsulated in Rock Crystal Quartz and Mother of Pearl, and set in Precious Metal, adorned with Diamonds and Gemstones in a completely customized process. She has also initiated convertible ways of transforming a gemstone setting to be interchangeable with different colors of jewels, between a ring, necklace, or bracelet. Her passion for these materials inspired her to create a world with carved gemstone birds, quartz and onyx side tables, backlit mirror frames, bowls, and carvings so that the beauty of nature can be brought inside the home to inspire our daily lives. Melissa has three degrees from the Gemological Institute of America, including Graduate Gemologist, and continues to expand her studies in gemstone carving, and enamel work. 

G1440 CON


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G1439 CON

Handcarved Green Macaws

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G1437 CON

Hand Carved Sodalite on Amethyst

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