Deanna DeShea

Original Artist




My photography marries the fragrance of the wild with reverence for the natural world:  An Old World explored with boundless landscapes- a theatre of wildness inhabited by the most endangered species and their resistance against extinction. The intoxicating kaleidoscope of this jeweled kingdom is the rhythm of this ancient land.

Capturing these animals through a lens tells their side of the story- a story of tenacity, beauty, and resilience.

My Work drives awareness of the importance of conservation by supporting wildlife organizations and rescue initiatives throughout Africa. All animals photographed are wild, respected, and live in protected areas.

“Africa is the place of my beginning. The enchantment of this dusty ancient land, whose oldest roads are elephant paths, is my music to connection and stillness. A rhythm of fear and liberation. Africa is the feeling of coming home.”

Amboseli Elephant G-1061

Framed 47×30


Dynasty G-1060

Framed 47×27.5


Najin-fatu G-1057

Framed 55×37


Shujaa G-1059

Framed 28X36


Sirikoi G-1058

Framed 52×40