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Claude- André Coquerel

Interior Designer

Claude-André is an expressive designer who enjoys blending varied styles, patterns, and textures to create one-of-a-kind rooms.

Drawing on inspiration from his childhood years spent in Miami and San Diego as well as his diverse upbringing, Claude-André designs with a cultural flair. Starting design school at age 16, he has created and styled interior spaces for over ten years for many satisfied clients.

Claude-André forms a natural connection with his clients, which enables inspiration for an individualized, concrete design. When his clients are a couple, he is also talented at melding their different styles and preferences. He has a knack of translating a client’s ideas and turning them into a masterpiece. His designs always find a way to introduce unconventional ideas that are seamlessly blended. Claude-André strives for his designs to be a reflection of the client, and he finds a way to make every room an expression of their tastes and lifestyle. The homes he designs become a storybook of each client’s life and no two projects are ever the same.


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